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Paradise 2 Sea View Apartments Nai Harn are in soi 11 baan sai yuan and are my latest condo/apartment project,they are at the moment 75% complete and 60% sold out.they were started in march 2010 and are due to be completed in november 2010 in time for the high season.

the groundfloor has a sea view and the views only get better with the higher rooms.the ultra lounge 3rd floor has the best sea views in the area and i can say that as we look downwards at the roof tops and terraces of all the other homes and buildings in the area.

paradise 2 apartments have 5 separate apartments as opposed to paradise 1 with 6 apartments,the reason for this is that the 2nd and 3rd floor are all one master penthouse,so as there are only 5 apartments and not everybody will want to rent them out or live themselves in phuket ,the apartments are always going to be reasonably quiet with lots of peaceful and private times to lounge around the pool as it is highly unlikely that they will be fully occupied at all times,i know this as the buyer of the master penthouse has work commitments and cannot be in phuket more than 6 months of the year and he does not want to rent out his apartment and move his personnal belongings each time.

once entering the grounds of the apartments the first floor is the first to be seen this has 2 different enterances to it,one from the front and into the living room and a second via the poolside and into the bedroom,so after waking in the morning just open the green glass patio doors step onto your balcony and jump direct into pool what a way to wake up and re fresh.also having the 2 balconies gives you the choice to sit outside all day as you can avoid the heat and sun in the morning by sitting on the bedroom balcony and on the afternoon and evening you can enjoy the sunset over the mountains and the breeze coming off chalong bay by sitting on the living room side balcony.inside the bathrooms and the kitchen all faucets are hot water from your own hot water system and all surfaces and counter tops are made from black granite.

climbing a short flight of steps to the 1st floor the views become a lot better.the layout of the 1st floor is the same as the ground floor however the balconies change a little,the 1st floor balcony is all leading from the living room and is 6m x 4m it is a very large balcony with wonderful sea views and mountain views with big buddha.the balconies on the 1 st floor have more than enough room for a bbq,a jacuzzi a 4 seater table and still have enough room to lounge around and sun bathe.7 different islands can been seen as well as the boats coming and going from chalong pier off fishing and diving as all the houses towards the beach and sea view have already been built the sea view is there to stay and not disappear behind another building when a piece of land gets developed,disappearing sea views are very common, when buying property its a very good idea to look around the building to see what has been built and what could affect you in the future check that no one is going to erect a building and block out your own sea view.

moving on up to the 2 nd floor again the views start to get better again,as this whole floor and the 3rd floor has been brought as 1 penthouse the layout and the size has changed considerably,this floor is the bedroom and kitchen floor and also has a greeting area and wooden and steel open staircase leeding up to the ultra lounge and roof terrace.the penthouse has 2 bedrooms,1 master and 1 guest the master bedroom is 6m x 6m and has its own en suite bathroom with sea views from the shower.the bedroom has built in wardrobes and cupboards and is furnished in a 5 star hotel theme with silk and teak furnishings only adding to the views.a window 2m x 1.5 looks out directly in front of the bed and the coast line of phuket town,cape panwa and beyond are all in clear view at night all the lights from the coastline glitter and still make a magnificent view even in the dark.rolling mountains meeting the sea with the sun rising behind them or big buddha silhouetted  with the mountains and the sun setting behind them are the views to be had from both bedrooms and all balconies,into the guest bedroom from the balcony the size is 4m x 6m which also includes an en suite bathroom flat screen tv’s on the wall let you look at the sea view and the tv at the same time.the kitchen and greeting area are open plan and are joined but with the feature staircase separating them.the kitchen is4m x 5m in size and has a magnificent custom built kitchen with island situated in the middle  and 2m x 1.5m window to see out and look at the jungle and sea view out over friendship beach as you maybe do the washing up.the greeting area is also 4m x 5m in size and has a sofa and flat screen tv to watch as the meal is cooking in the kitchen,

moving up the feature open plan stair case to the ultra lounge the panoramic sea view becomes eye catching as the whole sea facing wall from one side of the room to the other has been fitted with green tempered reflective glass and it has just become a picture frame for the whole of chalong bay it is a window that is positioned perfectly to take advantage of the most beautiful views in nai harn and rawai.the ultra lounge itself is a huge 7m x 10m and is one big open plan room with the “picture” of chalong bay on the are on all four sides of the lounge with 2 large 2m x 1.5m on the back wall facing jungle and mountains,2 large 2m x 1.5m with a sun set view on the west facing side and 2 large green reflective glass patio doors leading out on to the massive 12m x 5m master balcony with views that can only be explained as eye catching

furnishing this master balcony are shades tension fabric which allow the breeze to flow through but give shade against the heat of the sun and when it does rain it also protects allowing you to sit outside and watch the storms come island then disappear over the hill range and off to kata,karon and patong.a jacuzzi is placed in the closest corner of the balcony to the sea this is the place to be no matter what time of the day or of the night as it can be a pleasent cooling dip in the daytime or maybe have the water a little bit warmer on the night to sit in the breeze.this balcony has room for an 8 seat dining table and it would still not take up the room that will be covered by a yoga station, 2 double sun loungers and a gas heater bbq from imported australia all of these items will be tastefully surrounded by thai tropical plants and flowers in pots.

if a person could ever drag theirselves from this balcony there is one more floor to enjoy this will be the huge 7m x 10m sun terrace on the roof.this is where a view is amazing where ever you look 360 degrees it should be also as the apartments are built on the highest piece of land in the area its in and also this is the roof terrace of a 4 story building the views are amazing and it would cost a lot more in any other part of the world for this view and this luxury lifestyle.the terrace is a sun worshipers dream as the sun will beat its rays down on this area  for 6-8 hours per day.this is why a cold water pressure shower has been added so there is no need to climb down the spiral stairs when ever getting to hot,one can just splash the cold shower on and get back to bathing

there are 2 apartments still available 1 x ground floor and also 1 x 1st floor  both have sea views and both are very appealing on there own depending on what you want and what suits you better.both apartments are not yet completed so they will still be at a discount to the completed price but they will still not be as good of value as investing early in 1 of my projects and getting a off plan discount,however i do guarantee that a better value for money apartment with great sea views will not be found within nai harn and rawai and probably the whole south of phuket.

Listing Price: 2,500,000 +++:
Address: Soi 11:
Province: Phuket:
Sea View: Yes from all living rooms and balconies:
Pool: 7m x 4m =28m2 Ocean blue:
Square Meters Land: 320:
Square Meters Living Area: 72m2 ++:
Bedrooms: 1 and 2:
Bathrooms: 1 and 2:
Internet/Cable/TV Satellite: Wireless broadband,local cable and true visions satellite:

Completion date: November 2010:
Living room size: 5m x 4m:
Bedroom size: 5m x 4m:
Kitchen size: 2.5m x 2m:
Bathroom size: 2.5m x 2m:
Balcony size: 22m2:
Floors: Ground,first,second,penthouse:
Car Park: Car parking,motorbike parking:
Kitchen: Western custom built:
Roof Terrace: 7m x 10m:
Distance from Beach: 2.5km:
Garden: Communal:
Kids & Family: Welcome:
Pets & Singles: Welcome:

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