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Generally a project undertaken by foreign builders and investors, renovating and modernizing houses in Rawai  and Nai Harn isn’t a project that appeals to the Thai market as they rather spend their money on newly built homes and villas. Choosing to buy a home that needs work to bring it up to date can get you a real gem in a popular neighbourhood at an inexpensive price, lower than many of the newer homes and villas found in the same street.

There aren’t as many bargains around now as there used to be, as others have purchased properties, stripped them bare, then fixed them up with new tiles, windows, electrics, plumbing and updated bathrooms and kitchens. Often they have knocked down walls and built new partition walls thus making more of the space available as older properties often waste a lot of valuable space and have walls in very inconvenient places. A foreigners needs for their home can be very different from a Thai’s, but there’s very little that can’t be changed if you so wish when it comes to renovation.

My construction company in Phuket has now completed 3 fixer up homes in Rawai, and we have had great fun and a lot of success doing it and then selling them on to those looking for a bargain. For those whose priorities are for a reasonably-priced home in a nice area and the ability to enjoy life on this beautiful island, then a renovated home could be the answer.

The property shown here originally had 2 rooms downstairs, a living room and a dining room and kitchen combined – there was also a particularly rancid bathroom in the corner. The first thing I did was make the ground floor into 1 by knocking down the dividing wall, this revealed the original wooden stairs in all their glory. Downstairs was now a very reasonable 75m2 open plan area with living and dining are and kitchen.


Next I removed the front door and replaced it with a large 3m wide patio door, now the living room could be extended out into the garden by the addition of a patio or BBQ area. This gave the house a lot more light and outdoorsy feel to it – perfect for the sunny bright days we get so much of in Phuket.

Electrics and plumbing were changed, re routed, and channeled into the walls so no cables were in sight, visible cables is nearly always an issue with older Thai style houses. New tiles were added, ceilings, and a modern kitchen and bathroom were the last updates to this property.

I purchased this house in September 2004 and resold it after 3 years of living there very happily. For those interested in buying a house like this, or something similar, then give me a call or send an email.

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