Our latest reference from another happy investor, please read

This is a reference from my latest buyer.

David was so happy with the way that we did business when he was buying my Thai wooden home that he wrote me this wonderful reference and testimonial.

I would very much like to continue receiving letters of happiness like this one from my customers as it means i have done my job correct and good words of mouth go a long way in the building trade.


After renting in the Rawai area for four years, and looking for a home to buy during that time, I had the pleasure to meet Richard Dillon. I bought the Salika Thai wooden house that Richard renovated right after I saw it. Not only was I able to purchase the house for below market price, Richard also offered to do substantial extra work for me there as well without charge.

Paying for the house was very straight forward, smooth, and fast. Richard also went way out of his way to help me at the land office, with one of his professionals, saving me time and money. Then he also helped again, for no charge, to write and register a long term lease at the same land office, saving me the high fees associated with legal matters again.

I moved into the house within days of the purchase, and Richard’s crew came, at no charge, and moved all of my things from my rental into the house in a flash.

I have been in the Real Estate business in California since the late 80’s and I have never encountered any agent / builder that was so willing to assist me with what I have described above.
What others above have testified is true. Buying from Richard Dillon, a developer, cuts out the middle man to allow him to sell his properties well under market value.
It’s a win / win for everyone in a big way.

I have since also contracted Richard to build another home. Again, I have never seen anything like the deals that can be made through him.

I can only testify personally that if you do business with Richard, your expectations will be surpassed by a substantial margin. I give him the highest recommendation.

Five Stars all around.

Thanks again Richard.


David West

Buyer of Soi Salika wooden home and another happy investor in myself and my properties.


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