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Having found a Wooden Thai Style Fixer Up Home the fun was now just beginning with the modernization of it. Wanting to mix the beauty of the Thai Style home with the practicality of Western needs about the home was always a project i had looked forwards to.

Having checked that the structure of the building was sound with no major damages or flaws before buying i know that the work to be completed is purely aesthetic and to make the Thai Style home more practical with the living spaces that are available.

The house originally came with an upstairs and downstairs and within the 2 floors was, downstairs }  1 bedroom, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom. And upstairs } 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 large balcony. Also the house had an external set of stairs at the front of the house that was not very practical as the occupant would have to go outside to link between the 2 floors.

The 2  areas that would be receiving the most attention would be inside downstairs and the changing of the stairs from outside to inside. Downstairs would have all internal walls knocked down making 1 big room instead of 3 small rooms and would have an extension built onto the side of the house to be used as a new shower room and toilet and also another extension on the opposite side of the house and this would be used as a stairs room/ stairwell demolishing the stairs outside and making a set of stainless steel, steel and wooden spiral stairs that would now be inside and easily accessible from the now spacious living room and open plan western kitchen.

Starting downstairs inside the now open plan living room and kitchen, this is where the main demolition and building work is happening at the moment. From having 3 small rooms downstairs the internal walls have all now been demolished leaving 1 large open plan area which will be turned into a very spacious living room and open plan style western kitchen. All electrics and plumbing have been replaced with brand new quality materials for wiring, lighting and sockets down to all new pvc piping for new water outlets and drainage for the new shower and bathroom, all flooring has been replaced with a newer better quality ceramic tile flooring, the kitchen work tops have been replaced with new black granite kitchen work surfaces and splash back tiles have been installed for a better sharper finish with the added bonus of ease of cleaning the kitchen.

As well as the internal wall demolition, the 2 extensions catering to the shower/ bathroom and the spiral stairs another way of using all the available space in a useful and practical way was for me to add a large 3m x 2.2m sliding glass patio door on the rear living room wall opening up the garden and available space there and making it an extension of the living room when the doors are open. This area is more than adequate to cater to a large BBQ and hammock and as it is now joined up with the living room it has access to view the TV and computer screens while sitting outside still enjoying the many trees and flowers.

This renovation project is ongoing now and will be changing and getting closer to completion day by day. The house is for sale and interested parties should contact me soon as a property of this kind so close to the sea will not stay on the market for long. At the moment any interested buyer would still have the opportunity to change some of the later designs however as the project continues my own designs will be used and prices will rise as the house will be closer and closer to completion.

Listing Price: 4,200,000
Address: Soi Saliga
Province: Phuket:
Sea View: No
Pool: If Required
Square Meters Land: 166m2+
Square Meters Living Area: 110m2
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Internet/Cable/TV Satellite: Wireless broadband,local cable and true visions satellite available

Completion date: Complete already
Living room size: 6m x 4.70m
Bedroom size:
Kitchen size: Open style
Bathroom size: 4m x 2.5m
Balcony size: 22m2:
Floors: 2
Car Park: Car parking,motorbike parking:
Kitchen: open
Roof Terrace: No
Distance from Beach: 500 meters
Garden: Surrounded by carefully planted local trees
Kids & Family: Welcome:
Pets & Singles: Welcome:

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