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Property for sale Phuket is active in the naturally gorgeous area’s of Nai Harn and Rawai, these are just 2 of the many beaches in this perfectly located area,Nai Harn Beach is located in the desirable village of Baan Sai Yuan.

The very most southern beach on the island is Rawai beach, it has a reduced tide, hence the slope is so low that it is not really suitable for swimming, however the view from Rawai beaches are truly stunning, the beach walk is wide and covered under trees with shading and close by Promthep Cape the very popular spot for the Thais from all over Thailand and also for local people on the island to visit and watch the amazing sun set scenes over a wonderful setting   people are also known to visit Rawai Beach from other cities all across Thailand for its well famed and fresh sea food. Rawai beach is really famous for their delicious seafood as it is originally a fisherman’s village and still continues to be.

Nai Harn beach is the most popular beach for the tourists, expats and locals alike in the South with it’s lake and view of Promthep Cape this is a very scenic area and has become quite an evening social point for many people of many different Nationalities to conduct sport or exercise in many different forms. So, although the village ‘behind’ Nai Harn beach is actually called Baan Sai Yuan, it’s know as Nai Harn. Although not flat, the hill slopes are so stretched out that it’s in fact the largest area behind any of the beaches that’s suitable for construction even larger than Kata,Karon or Patong which are nearing capacity.

Property For Sale Phuket

Property For Sale Phuket is proud to present Phuket Paradise 4 Sea View Apartments.Located in South Phuket these modern and beautiful apartments are now for sale under construction at pre completion great value for money prices. Magnificent sea views with many islands including Phi Phi islands and the Racha island are within view also the hills of Chalong along with the Big Buddha statue are breathtaking.

Property For Sale Nai Harn

Phuket Paradise 4 Sea View Apartments are being constructed and are now for sale in Nai Harn, These wonderfully modern Apartments are situated in a desirable hill side community and are in a beautiful natural area yet only moments from 10 different beaches and international restaurants.

Property for Sale Rawai

Rawai Beach is known for its great sea food and wonderful views and Property for sale Phuket is very proud to present our 4th Sea View Apartment for sale in Nai Harn. With some of the best sea and island views in Phuket we know we have the right area and the right concept of Apartments for sale in Phuket

The last 10 year the areas near Nai Harn and Rawai really have a healthy, booming economy. Thanks to the 2Villas company with their small, but high end luxury villas spreading around for more than 10 years now, their concept has been proven to be very successful and so many other players came in and created one luxury estate after another, creating whole neighborhoods of high end villas.

Combine this with the somewhat hidden, yet significant large number of retirees who have decided to live a tropical retirement overseas, maintaining the local retailers during the low season, allowing for several high end shops, restaurants and services to be easily available. And with the local restaurants serving food from the four corners of the world,  this small and quaint area truly offers the best of everything from the whole world,  even a Tesco is now present to cater to all nationalities needs and wants.

On the tropical island of Phuket the Nai Harn and Rawai area is the ultimate residential sanctuary you otherwise can only dream off, those of us who live here really are living the dream tropical life that is presented in tropical home magazines.

By the way, did you know that since 2009 there’s a huge manned, CCTV and even armed police checkpoint on the only entry and exit road of the island right at the Sarasin bridge(s), making Phuket the largest gated community in the world. Beside all the beauty and the indulgent  Phuket is safe and secure as well. Phuket welcomes people of all nationalities to her shores and beautiful island and the local people do likewise.

Hospitals are now a very large part of Phuket’s economy and Bangkok’s largest and most respected hospitals have now opened Phuket branches with talk even of a new hospital being built in the south of the island nearer to Rawai and Nai Harn. Many people travel from within Thailand and also from abroad for Phukets Hospital facilities.

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