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If you are interested in buying a fixer up home in the Nai Harn or Rawai area then it might be more difficult than you imagined, they are a lot harder to find these days, and prices can be higher than anticipated. There are still bargains to be found however, it just takes a lot more time and effort to search for them than once upon a time, particularly if you want a reasonable price and in a safe and good location. Where you live is very important and whether you are buying to live there yourself or to resell, the location and price are always the main factors.

There are still a lot of inexpensive properties to be found, but many of them may be surrounded by derelict buildings, or the street they are located in has far too many stray dogs that can cause problems every time you want to leave the house, or simply because they keep you awake at night with their howls. When it comes down to choosing a family home you have to consider whether it is value for money, the area it is located in, and will it be attractive to others if you do decide to sell it on at a profit in the future?

This is where I can help you out, by finding the right house for you at a price you can afford.

The house in the photo is situated on a land plot of 198m2 and has a full Chanote land title, out of all the Thai land titles this is the highest and most secure. The land dimensions measure 6m x 33m and the property 5m x 16m.

When I originally purchased this 2 story property it was very badly designed, there was 1 bedroom on the lower level which was very small and meant the rest of the space downstairs was cramped all together. Meanwhile upstairs was 1 large bedroom which took up too much space for its purpose.

My first task, and one I enjoyed greatly, was demolition – the house was completely gutted and stripped of everything inside leaving it an empty shell where only improvements could be made. The stairs were taken out and the kitchen demolished to make way for the new improved stairway. Then the small downstairs bedroom and bathroom walls were all knocked down, once this was done you could already see a huge improvement to the building.

Now I could sit back and plan exactly what was needed to turn this into an attractive home where people wanted to live.

After some reflection I decided the best use of the space available would be to construct 2 bedrooms upstairs serviced by a flight of stairs leading from the ground level that then split into 2, each leading to a bedroom. So, there was no need for a landing or hallway upstairs. The upstairs was successfully turned into 2 good-sized rooms complete with shared bathroom and no space was wasted in the process. Both rooms’ measurements were 5m x 5m with a large bathroom between them measuring 4m x 3m, and I even built a 5m x 2m balcony on the front of the main bedroom.

I made a special feature of the stairway by using beautiful black granite for the actual steps and fixing wooden hand rails all the way up the staircase.

Now the downstairs was just 1 large open living area and I had to plan how the living and kitchen space would be best accommodated. First I built a small water closet toilet in the far back corner before constructing the kitchen at the back part of the room but as part of an open plan design. I added a breakfast bar, again using black granite for all the counter surface tops.

The living area was now complete and I had created a very spacious home with the living quarters downstairs now measuring 16m x 5m – an impressive 80m2.
The house was lacking somewhere to park the car, and the original garden was overlooked by the road and anyone could see in if you were outside enjoying the warm evenings. I constructed a 6m x 5m garage for ample parking space and in the garden introduced a lot of German Palm, as well as other tropical trees that grow quite quickly and would provide the privacy required.

The house now looked great and was rented out as soon as I put it on the market and added a few pieces of furniture and decorations. I bought this house from a local Thai friend of mine in September 2007 and all renovations were completed by December 2007. The house rented out until I sold it in June 2010.

If you would like me to find you a house or home like this one, or similar, then send me an email or give me a call.

Listing Price: 3,500,000
Address: 6/1 soi git pra sarn rawai beach
Province: Phuket
Sea View: No
Pool: No
Square Meters Land: 33m x 6m = 198m2
Square Meters Living Area: 5m x 16m x 2 floors = 160m2
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Internet/Cable/TV Satellite: Yes wireless broadband,local cable,true vision satellit

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