Construction Agreement Paradise 4 Apartments Rawai/Nai Harn

Paradise 4 final sketch 10

Construction Agreement – Paradise 4 Apartments

This Agreement made by and  between Hereinafter referred to as the “Employer” of  the one part,


 Property For Sale Phuket Co., Ltd.  residing at: 25/10 Moo 2, Soi Salika, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand, 83130.  Hereinafter to as the “Contractor” of the other part

Whereas the Employer Submitted and obtains the Construction to build unit ..m2……..condominium, with sea view as part of the construction of a 4 storey condominium building otherwise referred to as  Paradise 4’ from here on after, by the Employer’s own expenses.

Both parties agree to enter into an agreement subject to the following contents.

Clause 1. The Employer agrees to employ and the Contractor agrees to be employed to build a 140 square meter penthouse condominium with sea view as part of the construction of a 4 storey condominium building otherwise referred to as ‘Paradise 4’ from here on after.

Clause 2. The Contractor agrees to make Construction as mentioned in Clause 1. to be finished in 1 year the date the Employer has approved and signed this Agreement which corresponds to 1st September 2013. Unit P1 completion 1st September 2014 without unforeseen delay

The Contractor shall commence construction of the 4 Story Condominium within # days of signing this Agreement.

In Case of any unavoidable force majeure which causes the said construction to be suspended without the fault of the contractor, the period in the foregoing paragraph shall be extended commensurate to the period suspended due to the said cause and the Employer shall not claim for any compensation from the Contractor which  the Employer shall pay the Contractor according to the quantity of work completed.

Clause 3. The Employer agrees to pay the wage  at the total sum  (Baht)  hereinafter shall referred to as the “Contract Price”, this contract price shall inclusive with the following work and expenses as per Paradise 4.

a)            All preparation of site, Landscaping and Specifications of the Works;

Rear view

Rear view

b)           Completion of Works indicated in the Specifications;

c)            Architectural and Civil Engineering fees, all submission fees.

d)           All construction materials accessories, hardware and software as specifies in the Specifications.

e)            All ordinary and specific plant tools, scaffolding, wood forms, labor, tools, utensils, water, electricity and other paraphernalia required to precede with the complete all aspects of the works which the contractor shall procure and bring to the construction site.

f)             All indoor plumbing, including, toilets, sinks, taps, showers  and a tempered glass shower stall. Brands W.S Watson, Haffelle and American Standard

g)           All indoor electrics, including, 1 air-con ( 12-13000 Btu Samsung/Panasonic) in the bedroom and electric ceilings fans in every living room, sockets, switches and light fittings.

h)           Western Style Built-In Kitchen including cabinets, counters and sinks, 2 ring hob and extractor fan. Budget 60,000 baht

i)             Ceramics, wall and floor. Bathroom walls tiled from floor to ceiling

j)             Upvc 3.3 m x 2.05 m Patio windows x 2, green glass balconies with chrome handrails.

k)            Chrome handrails for exterior stairs.

l)             Solid wood doors, door frames, architraves and skirting.

m)          Interior and exterior painting and varnishing. ICI Paint

n)           Swimming pools complete, including the sandstone edgings, and Emu Pump system

Private swimming pools on the roof terrace

Private swimming pools on the roof terrace

o)           TV and telephone lines installed not connected.

p)           Each unit shall have 1 kitchen window and 1 bathroom window installed.

q)           2 key cards for each security door

r)            Individual hot water on demand multi point heater unit.

s)            Chubb /Haffelle front door lock

Any error or omission by the Contractor in calculating the Contract Price shall be borne by the Contractor.

Clause 4. The Contractor agrees to construct the work as mentioned in Clause 1 and warrants to provide good material, equipment and workmanship in order to perform work under this agreement until completion.

Clause 5. The Employer agrees to pay the Contractor as agreed the total amount of (Baht) on a timely completion basis .

1. Installment costing 5% (Deposit)

2. Installment costing 50% (Down Payment, paid within 30 days of signing construction agreement)

3. Installment costing 20%, when the main structure of the building has been completed. 30 days notice will be provided in writing before payment is due.

4. Installment costing 20%, once the plaster is completed and ready for fitting 30 days notice will be provided in writing before the payment is due.

5. Installment costing 5%, on completion, and satisfaction

Clause 6. The Contractor shall supervise the construction work at all times during the work has not been finished or may assign other person to supervise.

Private Pool

Private Pool

Listing Price: 4,000,000 ++
Address: Soi 9, Saiyuan, Nai Harn
Province: Phuket:
Sea View: Yes Super
Pool: 7m x 4m =28m2 Ocean blue
Square Meters Land: 460
Square Meters Living Area: 70 ++
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Internet/Cable/TV Satellite: Wireless broadband,local cable and true visions satellite available

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