Case Study P3

UPDATE 05/05/12
After the ground floor slab had been poured the team started on the columns up to the 2nd floor and when these were poured the supports started going around the building to support the beams and pre-cast floor panels. The supports stay under the flooring until the cement has fully cured and is solid enough to take its own weight.
As the building is now moving higher and higher a crane is used for most jobs involving lifting, these jobs such as pouring cement, lifting steel beams and placing pre-cast floor panels.
So far every job is on schedule and we are moving forward as planned but very soon the rain will start to hold us up a little, it has already started now with the daily morning rains. The rains begin about 9am and rain very heavy and very solid for at least 1 hour.
Now that we are now on the 2nd floor we are very close to having a sea view. If the tree’s were a little lower down we would have a sea view but unfortunately we will have to wait until the 3rd floor for them, but they will be spectacular and worth the wait. Luckily a house is being built in the plot behind and as this is nearly finished i have been able to walk around this house and look at the sea views that will be available from the next balcony up.
The columns leading up to the 3rd floor have now been poured and supports are being set up around the building to repeat the process that we have just finished downstairs. Once the 3rd floor has been poured and the wooden supports are being moved up to the next 4th floor block work will begin down in the ground floor and the rooms will start to be formed and we will see a real building forming.

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