Case Study P3

UPDATE 19/03/12
The structure begins. After the granting of a building permit and also a permit to bore a deep water hole granted the land for Phuket Paradise 3 has now had the footing trenches  prepared by digger, steel and cement will soon be in place to form the structure.
As of early December 2011 the drawings have been submitted for the construction of Paradise 3 Apartment.
The construction of this new project will now be the real time case study for my website.
Updates will now be available upon a regular basis.
At present the electricity meter has been ordered, license for water bore hole has been applied for and land has been cleared.
UPDATE 21/12/11
A date has now been set for the return of my finished engineer and structural architectural drawings. I will receive them back on 30/1/12  this means i am ahead of schedule time wise for the beginning of the project. This will hopefully in turn enable the units to be furnished and lived in by 01/01/13. The building permit for planning permission we will receive will allow my highly experienced team to begin construction.
The sooner we start the sooner we finish!!

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