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UPDATE 15/04/12
As you can view in the photos services for the water plumbing have also now been laid into the ground floor slab.
The slab was built up using re-bar steel and concrete beams on which the pre fabricated concrete floor boards were laid and then a topping of re-bar steel and 8 cm of concrete was poured on top leaving the surface ready to be ceramic tiled in the later stages of the construction.
Concrete columns have now been constructed leading up to the 2nd floor so once the Thai celebration of New Year/Songkran has finished phase 2 will begin, this will include 2nd and 3rd floor construction and block work for the ground floor.
UPDATE 01/04/12
Full construction has now started on Paradise 3 Apartments.
To this present day footings and foundations have been laid into the ground and the floor slab for the ground floor has also been poured giving us the base to begin our steady build upwards towards 4 floors.
The concrete used to pour the footing pads was a ready mix ordered from an outside Thai blue chip company C-Pac. The concrete was ordered in large trucks that could carry 6 cubic meters per trip.

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