Case Study P2

Paradise 2
My current real estate project is paradise 2 apartments.

I purchased the land in December 2009 and from January 2010 i had started to work with an architect and engineer and collect all of the legal documents for a new building project.the footings were started in march and it has been all go since.

As the land is situated on the east slope of a hill i chose to bore a water hole into the water table instead of digging a water well and having the chance that water would run out in the dry season.boring down over 80 meters was guaranteed to give the building a constant supply of clean sweet water unlike many of the properties around that have to rely on a daily supply of water being delivered when there was a shortage of water.

Once we had a good supply of water and the temporary electricity meter delivered on site the project started to move along quickly The land was raised nearly 80 cm for 2 reasons,to get a better sea view for all apartments and too also to be above any flash flooding that the monsoons throw at us quite regular in monsoon season. Now that the ground floor slab had been poured and columns to the 2nd floor had been started it was time to build the structure for the swimming pool,the pool is at the rear of the building so it was best to do this while we could still have machinery access the area.

The building was finally starting to take shape and rooms were started to be was at this point that the weather started to change into windy and rainy days, fortunately we  now had work to do inside such as conduit for the electrics and aluminium frames for the ceilings.the stairs were now poured and moving around the different floors now became a lot easier.
when plastering my projects they are always finished with a coat of fine skimming plaster this gives a very smooth finish to the wall with no dents and no need for filling later as the plaster is applied only 3 mm in thickness and this product self fills any imperfections in the render,it is an expensive material that no other projects in Rawai or Nai Harn areas are using that i know of.

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